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Batch No.Training CenterMaleFemaleTotalTraining Co-coordinator

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8045125Tashi Togbye, Yeshi Lham
2MTC, Tencholing8625111Tashi Togbye, Yeshi Lham
3MTC, Tencholing8039119Tashi Togbye, Yeshi Lham
4MTC, Tencholing8033113Tashi Togbye, Yeshi Lham
5MTC, Tencholing8630116Tashi Togbye, Yeshi Lham
6MTC, Tencholing8342125Tashi Togbye, Yeshi Lham
7MTC, Tencholing7643119Tashi Togbye, Yeshi Lham
8MTC, Tencholing8435119Tashi Togbye, Yeshi Lham
9MTC, Tencholing7333106Tashi Togbye, Yeshi Lham
10MTC, Tencholing8637123Tashi Togbye, Yeshi Lham
11MTC, Tencholing7830108Tashi Togbye, Yeshi Lham
12MTC, Tencholing8043123Tashi Togbye, Yeshi Lham
13MTC, Tencholing10417121Tashi Togbye, Yeshi Lham
14MTC, Tencholing7739116Tashi Togbye, Yeshi Lham
15MTC, Tencholing8041121Tashi Togbye, Yeshi Lham
16MTC, Tencholing8045125Tashi Togbye, Yeshi Lham
17MTC, Tencholing11411125Tashi Togbye, Yeshi Lham
18MTC, Tencholing8440124Tashi Togbye, Yeshi Lham
19MTC, Tencholing8045125Jigme Sherab
20MTC, Tencholing11114125Lhab Tshering
21MTC, Tencholing8047127Lhab Tshering, Major Tshering Chhophel, Jigme Sherab
22MTC, Tencholing10421125Lhab Tshering, Major Tshering Chhophel, Jigme Sherab
23MTC, Tencholing8045125Lhab Tshering, Major Tshering Chhophel, Jigme Sherab
24MTC, Tencholing8139120Lhab Tshering, Major Tshering Chhophel, Jigme Sherab
25MTC, Tencholing8631117Lhab Tshering, Major Tshering Chhophel, Jigme Sherab
26MTC, Tencholing11114125Lhab Tshering, Major Tshering Chhophel, Jigme Sherab
27MTC, Tencholing9923122Lhab Tshering, Major Tshering Chhophel, Jigme Sherab
28MTC, Tencholing8045125Lhab Tshering, Major Tshering Chhophel, Jigme Sherab
29MTC, Tencholing1210121Lhab Tshering, Major Tshering Chhophel, Jigme Sherab
30MTC, Tencholing8045125Lhab Tshering, Major Tshering Chhophel, Jigme Sherab
31MTC, Tencholing8045125Lhab Tshering, Major Tshering Chhophel, Jigme Sherab
32MTC, Tencholing8045125Lhab Tshering, Major Tshering Chhophel, Jigme Sherab
33MTC, Tencholing8125106Lhab Tshering, Major Tshering Chhophel, Jigme Sherab
34MTC, Tencholing8045125Lhab Tshering, Major Tshering Chhophel, Jigme Sherab
35MTC, Tencholing8519104Lhab Tshering, Major Tshering Chhophel, Jigme Sherab
36MTC, Tencholing1250125Lhab Tshering, Major Tshering Chhophel, Jigme Sherab
37MTC, Tencholing8145126Lhab Tshering, Major Tshering Chhophel, Jigme Sherab
38MTC, Tencholing400100500Choki Wangmo
38Wing I, Tendruk33052382Jigme Sherab
38Wing V, Tashicholing16349212Tshering Wangdi
38Samtse College Of Education Wing VIII23349282Tshering Wangdi, Jigme Sherab
38Drukgyel Center School Cdo Wing248142390Major Tshering Chhophel
38RBPTI, Jigmeling24752299Lhab Tshering
38Wing X, Dewathang35050400Tandin Dorji
39Jigme Namgyel Engineering College, Wing X Dewathang42872500Tandin Dorji
39Samtse College Of Education Wing VIII24498342Sherab Gyeltshen
39MTC, Tencholing480120600Choki Wangmo
39Wing V, Tashichhoeling16173234Jigme Sherab
39RBPTI, Jigmeling28958347Lhab Tshering
39Wing I, Tendruk41958477Jigme Sherab
39Cdo. Wing Shaba329121450Major Tshering Chhophel
40Wing I, Tendruk145196341
40Wing V, Tashichhoeling9299191
40Wing IX, Gelephu25395348
40CDO Wing, Paro131119250
40Wing XI, Damthang127123250
40MTC, Wangdue249351600
40RBG, Dechenchholing158140298
40RBPTI, Jigmeling233265498
40SRPF, Tashigatshel100100200
41Wing I, Tendruk16673239
41Wing V, Tashichhoeling9350143
41Wing IX, Gelephu20570275
41CDO Wing, Paro75124199
41Wing XI, Damthang78122200
41MTC, Wangdue69106175
41RBG, Dechenchholing117140257
41RBPTI, Jigmeling26979348
41SRPF, Tashigatshel6298160
42Wing I, Tendruk184116300
42Wing V, Tashichhoeling100100200
42Wing IX, Gelephu21981300
42CDO Wing, Paro90160250
42MTC, Wangdue50200250
42RBG, Dechenchholing140160300
42RBPTI, Jigmeling12674200
42SRPF, Tashigatshel10099199
43Wing I, Tendruk100231331
43Wing V, Tashichhoeling100110210
43Wing IX, Gelephu200100300
43MTC, Wangdue50210260
43RBPTI, Jigmeling11880198
43SRPF, Tashigatshel10099199
44Wing I, Tendruk199120319
44Wing V, Tashichhoeling100110210
44Wing IX, Gelephu199100299
44MTC, Wangdue65180245
44RBPTI, Jigmeling109110219
44SRPF, Tashigatshel104101205
44Cdo Wing, Shaba2610261
45Wing I, Tendruk160140300
45Wing V, Tashichhoeling110100210
45Wing IX, Gelephu190110300
45CDO Wing, Paro160100260
45MTC, Wangdue60200260
45RBG, Dechenchholing15692248
45RBPTI, Jigmeling110110220
45SRPF, Tashigatshel100100200
45Cdo Wing, Shaba160100260
46Wing I, Tendruk220150370
46Wing IX, Gelephu10149150
46MTC, Wangdue297199496
46RBG, Dechenchholing40160200
46RBPTI, Jigmeling6565130
46SRPF, Tashigatshel9999198
47Wing I, Tendruk100300400
47Wing V, Tashichhoeling100110210
47Wing IX, Gelephu14060200
47MTC, Wangdue100100200
47RBG, Dechenchholing16040200
47RBPTI, Jigmeling7575150
48Wing I, Tendruk240159399
48Wing V, Tashichhoeling99110209
48Wing VIII, Samtse College of Education155125280
48RBPTI, Jigmeling9060150
48MTC, Tencholing120100220
49Wing I, Tendruk249150399
49Wing V, Tashichhoeling100109209
49Wing IX, Pelrithang249248497
49Wing X, Dewathang9030120
49RBPTI, Jigmeling8660146
49MTC, Tencholing160100260Major Tshering Chhophel
50Wing I, Tendruk269150419
50Wing V, Tashichhoeling110100210
50Wing IX, Pelrithang249249498
50Wing X, Dewathang7958137
50RBPTI, Jigmeling222150372
50MTC, Tencholing169122291
50RBG, Dechenchholing16050210
51MTC, Tencholing24442286
52Wing I, Tendruk150150300
52Wing V, Tashichhoeling110100210Desuup Ugyen Dendup
52Wing IX, Pelrithang200199399
52RBPTI, Jigmeling100100200
52MTC, Tencholing100100200
53Wing I, Tendruk200158358Desuup Lhab Tshering
53Wing V, Tashichhoeling100100200Desuup Kinley Dorji
53Wing X, Dewathang11190201
53RBPTI, Jigmeling200100300
54Wing I, Tendruk200160360
54Wing V, Tashichhoeling110100210Desuup Karma Norzin
54Wing IX, Pelrithang224224448
54Wing X, Dewathang99100199
54Sherubtse College, Kanglung197200397
54Wing VIII, Samtse144156300
54RBPTI, Jigmeling199146345
55Wing I, Tendruk90301391
55Wing V, Tashichhoeling110110220Desuup Karma Norzin
55Wing X, Dewathang100130230
55RBPTI, Jigmeling200155355
56Wing IX, Pelrithang250250500Desuup Sonam Gyamtsho

Numbers Of Batched Trained Under Each Dzogkhag

Total Strength Trained In Respective Training Center

Batch Male Female Total
MTC, Tencholing 5839 3461 9300
Wing I, Tendruk 3655 2811 6466
RBPTI, Jigmeling 2740 1738 4478
Wing IX, Pelrithang 2429 1585 4014
Wing V, Tashichhoeling 1645 1438 3083
Cdo. Wing Shaba 1046 624 1670
Wing X, Dewathang 925 588 1513
RBG, Dechencholing 615 640 1255
SRPF, Tasahigatshel 665 696 1361
Jigme Namgyel Engineering College, Wing X Dewathang 583 197 780
Wing VIII, Samtse College Of Education 477 147 624
Wing XI, Damthang 205 245 450
Sherubtse College, Kanglung 197 200 397
Drukgyel Center School Cdo Wing 248 142 390
Total 21937 15010 36947